Victor Dröge optometrist

Author: Opt. Victor Droge

Waarom dragen oogartsen nog altijd brillen?

Ever met an eye doctor and wondered why they are wearing glasses? Why doesn’t he/she get LASIK? People often ask us why they meet eye doctors who wear glasses. If LASIK is such a good idea for others, why aren’t all eye doctors lining up for the procedure? A recent study shows us that, while you may meet the occasional doctor wearing glasses, that the overwhelming majority are actually having their eyes corrected through LASIK.

The study indicates that eye doctors who specialize in performing laser vision correction are actually four times more likely to have their own vision corrected than the general public.

Another study looked at physician satisfaction after they had laser vision correction themselves. These doctors reported high levels of satisfaction and better quality of life. In fact, 85% reported an actual increase in the quality of their vision as compared with when they wore glasses or contact lenses. Also, 39% reported that their ability to perform medical procedures accurately had improved.

So next time you see an eye doctor wearing glasses, it may just be that his specific condition cannot be overcome with LASIK, or perhaps he just feels more comfortable in glasses. Remember, eye doctors are people too.